Dumblit Apparel's September 2020 "Burnout" Ad on Instagram

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The Team at Dumblit Apparel set out to simply illustrate how it feels when your life is transformed by a Dumblit T-Shirt. When Jake, nerdily riding his bike at the Jersey Shore, stops at a flashy car parked on the side of the road, the unimpressed women change his entire personality by throwing a Black "Dumblit 2020" September Shirt at him. Watch Below:

via @dumblit_inc on Instagram:

"Scientifically proven to make you cooler.

Take a look at the whole September 2020 collection on our profile or at dumblitinc.com Stay #dumblit"

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Directed by Paddy Dubz

Shot and Edited by Gregg Johnson

Produced by Dumblit Visuals

Clothing by Dumblit Apparel

Actors Jake Hall & Amanda Sitar

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