The Dumblit Show Episode 1 w/ Ed

The whole gang came together for the first re-broadcasted episode of "The Dumblit Show," our kickback office show that airs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Live on Fridays. In this episode we play card games and cover a lot of topics; it's almost better to go in blind but be warned that the conversations got more outrageous as we continued to record.

On this episode:

Rob Kowalski, producer/artist, @robkowalskii

Paddy Dubz, engineer/artist, @paddydubz

Matt Mulroy, photographer/social media consultant @mattmulroypro

Ed Klobucista, real estate agent/security guard/model @edmondklobucista

@dumblit_inc @dumblit_tv @dumblit_visuals @dumblit_apparel

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