(CLIP) Timelapse: A Stoned Alligator and RK as a Cat | Ian on Deadgirl's Paint Club

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Deadgirl's Paint Club: A Stoned Alligator and Rob as a Cat

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Ian on The FIRST Episode of Deadgirl's Paint Club

Jennylee, artist and Creative Director of Dumblit Apparel, sits down with her first guest ever (Ian aka Kush) to paint a fishbowl subject and talk about a lot of different topics. In this episode, Jennylee painted Rob Kowalski as a cat, and Ian painted a Stoned Alligator sitting on a red chair next to a broken bong!

Deadgirl's Paint Club is a podcast where Jennylee and an artistic guest paint weird subjects given to them by cards from a fish bowl and have a conversation while they paint. At the end of an episode, the paintings are hung in the Dumblit offices and put on the Dumblit Store for purchase.

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